Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teacher Videos... a little inspiration

So many of you have probably seen these videos already, however this first one I am going to share I saw it for the first time yesterday. I felt that it really explained what WE do for our kids. Not only does it feel real, it is honest.

I heard the other day that teachers have the most under appreciated job. But here we are, because it only takes that one kid, note, or smile to redeem it all.

Funny. True. Honest.

This next one, I am almost certain that most teachers have seen. I have seen it twice already, and I am only a first year teacher :)
It doesn't seem as "real" as the first but we all know a "Teddy", we have had an experience like the teacher in this story, maybe not in full length like this, but similar all the same.
My hope, is that one day I may be thought of as a favorite teacher, passionate for what I do, going above and beyond.

The Make A Difference Movie - The Teddy Stallard Story - by Mary Robinson Reynolds | The MasterMinding Maven® - Full Length Version

Just a little inspiration as you begin your school year :)



  1. Hello! New follower here... I found you through Farley's linky. That speech gets me every time! Thank you for posting it.

    Write On, Fourth Grade!

  2. Hey Amy...That poem by Mali is my favorite...I haven't heard it in a while so thanks for the reminder!
    Miss Milton's Memoirs