Thursday, July 19, 2012

Banana Ice Cream

Summer, 'tis the season for ice cream. If you are like me and enjoy an ice cream here and there, or everyday if I am truly being honest, and if you like bananas then you are in for a treat. I have a love-hate relationship with said Ice Cream, love it for it's yummy goodness but, hate what it does to my girlish figure. I cannot even qualify fat free ice cream as an "ice cream" as it is usually more ice than cream, I shudder at the thought.

On another note, Bananas, also a love-hate relationship. I love them when they are fresh off their tree, where the peel is still a tad green. Then, the days go by and the ugly brown spots start popping up and the instant gag reflex kicks in.... gross. However, I hate to waste them and yet, my girlish figure (yet again) would thank me to not make banana bread, as I would probably be the only one eating it in this house. So here lies my prediciment, cannot eat the delicious creamy substance my children so love, and I cannot eat the browning mush on my counter.... what to do?

LET ME TELL YOU! (no, I did not invent this, in fact, many people do this... how did I not know until now?)

First you cut up your bananas into slices and put on a plate, place into the freezer. Wait until the bananas are frozen before you remove them, this can take 20 min. or you can wait a few hours for best results. After the time has passed, take out your banana slices and place in a blender or food processor (which I use). Blend. At first it will be chunky, trust me, it will work. As you keep blending it will turn into a creamy ice cream like texture. You can eat it soft serve just like this or place into a bowl and freeze for 20 min. to get a thicker ice cream and it will not have that icy taste we fear with typical Non-Fat Ice Cream. 
Thats it. I promise, it is delicious. No sweeteners, artifical or otherwise, unless you want, such as honey. No fat... yes. No.Fat. Just pure wholesome goodness, just the way God intended. YUM. You can add to it, perhaps you are a peanut butter lover, like I, or coco, chocolate chips, coconut... what ever suits you. Not to mention the fact that the kids love it too, I just became the cool mom... Yummy, check. Toppings, check. Healthy, check (shh.. don't tell, it's our secret).

No need to thank me, just enjoy  ;o)

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