Friday, July 20, 2012

Preparing for the big day!

I am so excited to start teaching in my OWN classroom! Over the summer I have been compiling and creating things for my class. I have found a multitude of amazing blogs and ideas on Pinterest (that site is amazing!) I have made an Absent Box, which holds two weeks worth of assignments so the students are responsible for retrieving their own work. I will provide them with a sheet that tells them the instructions but they need to get their own assignments out of the box.

I have also made the infamous Teacher Toolbox, I got the inspiration from Fun in Room 4B (an awesome teacher blog). I used her template (found here) to fit my needs, however you need to be aware that unsharpened pencils and some markers/highlighters/pens will not fit as the length of the individual boxes are not sufficient. I did not know this until I created mine. I found mine at Walmart Online, it is red casing, but you can find black as well. I am told you can find them at Ace Hardware and Lowes. It is labeled as "Stack-On 22 Bin". As you can see I have a red and blue theme going here, I am totally a KU fan through and through ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! :)

Lastly I am starting to compile some wall art. Again, I have to credit Pinterest for this lovely idea. I think it is personal for the students and they feel appreciated and loved to see this daily. I created mine in Publisher and saved it as a JPG file. I printed it poster size 12''x18'' (same day) at Walmart for $8.86. Not a bad price for same day and personalized. I don't know about you, but I cannot go into Walmart without finding something I think I need for my classroom!


  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for linking up:) Love your teacher toolbox! I can't wait to use mine:) Hope you can come back next Monday:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Thank you Tara. I love your blog and all your creative goodies. I will be back and excited for what you will share :)